Diablo 4 Release Date and Official Trailers

10 months ago by Jackson Haime

8 years after Diablo III’s original release players are now looking forward to Diablo IV and what’s coming with it. If you’re one of those players, but you’re not quite up to date with the info we have on Diablo IV, look no further. Here we have the Cinematic trailers, gameplay and release date you need to know to prepare for Diablo IV. 

Diablo IV was announced at Blizzcon 2019 with a dynamic cinematic announcement trailer, check it out below; 

The Official Cinematic Announcement

In the trailer, a group of treasure hunters delve too deep into the heart of the occult and find themselves in a ‘gateway.’ Within the gateway, the occult writings are too dark for the priest to read out loud. 

By the end of the trailer the priest relents and finishes the incantation, summoning Lillith, one of the original demons and Diablo’s niece to the mortal plane once again. Lilith had been buried since the events of Diablo II and is just now coming back. Interestingly Lillith is also the first mother of the nephalem, the ultra powerful half-demon half-angels that eventually turned into humans.

Lilith was fiercely protective of the nephalem in the past so it remains to be seen what she is going to make of their return to the mortal plane (Seeing as we played as one in Diablo 3.) 

The Gameplay Trailer

Diablo IV’s official gameplay trailer released back in late 2019 and reveals the three classes we know so far, the Barbarian, the Druid and the Sorcerer. The gameplay in the trailer is classic Diablo, isometric dungeon crawling and monster slaying. 

Notably the trailer reveals one of the new mechanics coming out with Diablo IV, mounts. According to developers the open world of Sanctuary in Diablo is going to be pretty huge in Diablo IV meaning that mounts will be one of the best ways to get around. Plus, it looks like you can do sweet dismount attacks.  

Release Date

Diablo IV doesn’t have a release date yet. When it was announced at Blizzcon 2019 they said it was in early development and that it shouldn’t be expected for a while, but the more recent updates about the game has been more optimistic. 

The June Update talks about how gameplay is coming along, and mentions that there isn’t an Alpha or a Beta ready for play yet, but internal playtesting has been going on. 

Interestingly, Diablo IV was mentioned to be coming out on the Xbox One and the PS4, seeing as those consoles are getting replaced soon it points to a release date within the next couple of years considering they wouldn’t want to put the game on a dead console.

Keep an eye on Tierlist.gg as we go deeper into the release of Diablo IV, we’re going to show off the classes, the story of Diablo thus far and everything else we know!

Jackson Haime

Jackson Haime

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