Diablo IV: The Classes We Know

11 months ago by Jackson Haime

Blizzard hasn’t announced all of the classes that are coming with Diablo IV, but we do know three of them and that only one of those three is one of the classes that players fell in love with during Diablo III. 

With gameplay trailers and abilities for all of the classes, there is a lot to cover, so here are the classes we know for Diablo IV: 


Basic Attacks:

  • Bash: Bash the enemy with your primary weapon. Has a chance to briefly stun.
  • Warlord: Attack the enemy, dealing less damage but bleeding over time. 
  • Frenzy: Unleash a rapid flurry of blows, each of which does damage. Increases attack speed on hit.
  • Lunging Strike: Jump forward and hit a nearby enemy.

Fury Attacks

  • Rend: Cleave and apply bleed to enemies in front of you.
  • Hammer of the Ancients:  Slam your hammer down dealing AOE damage in front of you.
  • Double Swing: Sweep both weapons you’re carrying in either direction. Enemies in the middle are damaged by both.
  • Upheaval: Slam your weapon into the ground and spray rocks at your enemies.
  • Whirlwind: Quickly strike multiple enemies around you. 


  • Rallying Cry: Grant all nearby allies Unstoppable, Increased Movement Speed and Reduced Damage 
  • Ground Stomp: Smash the ground and stun nearby enemies.
  • Undying Rage: Upon taking fatal damage, continue fighting rather than dying. If you kill an enemy within a couple seconds you heal, if you do not you die as normal. 
  • Challenging Shout: Taunt nearby enemies. You gain more fury when you take damage. 


  • Kick: Kick an enemy and knock them back. If they collide with terrain surrounded enemies take damage. 
  • War Cry: Grant allies bonus damage that scales based on nearby enemies.
  • Leap: Leap forward and slam your weapon dealing high damage.
  • Charge: Rush forward pulling enemies with you, finishing with an attack to damage all enemies.

Weapon Mastery

  • Primal Axe: Throw your weapon with a chain. Pull enemies hit towards you.
  • Rupture: Skewer enemies in a line, causing a high damage bleed. If an enemy dies while bleeding, reset the cooldown. 
  • Death Blow: Deal lots of damage to enemies in front of you. If an enemy dies to this ability, reset the cooldown. 


  • Wrath of the Berserker: Gain multiple buffs by going Beserk. Buffs scale with rage.
  • Call of the Ancients: Call upon the ancients to aid you in battle for a few seconds.
  • Iron Maelstrom: Spin your weapon on a chair, dealing continuous damage to enemies around you. 

The Barbarian in Diablo IV looks like they are going to be a crowd control heavy, high damage brawler that will go well with any party that needs a frontline. 

One interesting element of the new Barbarian that isn’t mentioned within its abilities is the new arsenal system. The arsenal means that the Barbarian is allowed to carry multiple two-handed or one handed weapons at once, and switch between them freely as they engage in combat. This opens up a lot of flexibility for the class late game when each weapon you carry will have unique effects that are powerful in different scenarios. 

With the Barbarian we have the closest comparison to one of the classes in Diablo III, seeing as it is the only class that was in III that is known to be in IV. Several of the Barbarian’s abilities in 3 that were primarily self-buffs have been widened out to include the whole team. For example Rallying cry takes the place of both Warcry and Sprint, but now gives the movement speed to everyone nearby instead of just yourself. 

If you’re looking to get down, dirty and bloody, the Barbarian still looks like your best option of the classes in Diablo IV. If you enjoyed the Barbarian in Diablo III, then you’re in luck as it seems like the Diablo IV Barbarian is going to play extremely similarly. 

Check out the Barbarian’s rage in Game Informer’s Gameplay

The Sorcerer

Basic Attacks

  • Lightning: Fire bolts of lighting that bounce to nearby enemies. 
  • Fire Bolt:  Hurl flames at enemies, dealing damage over time.
  • Frost Bolt: Throw ice at enemies, damaging and chilling them.
  • Arc Lash: Unleash lighting that strikes enemies in front of you and then restores mana. 

Major Destruction

  • Charged Bolts: Bolts of lighting that dance along the ground in random patterns.
  • Fireball: Hurt a fireball that does AOE damage.
  • Ice Shards: Launch ice shards that deal more damage to frozen enemies.
  • Incinerate: Fire a beam of fire that burns enemies. Gets more powerful over time. 
  • Chain Lightning: Attack with a bolt of lighting that jumps to multiple enemies.
  • Frozen Orb:  Release an orb that chills enemies and then fires off frost bolts. 


  • Flame Shield: Wrap yourself in flames that damage enemies. 
  • Ice Armor: Outside of combat ice builds on you and provides armor. 
  • Blizzard: Summon a blizzard to damage and chill enemies.
  • Teleport: Turn into lighting and teleport to target location. You are invulnerable when you do this. 


  • Frost Nova: Unleash a wave of frost, freezing enemies.
  • Lightning Spear:  A crackling spear of lighting that chases enemies.
  • Ice Blades: Create ice blades that slash and chill enemies.
  • Hydra: Summon a hydra that spews fire at enemies for several seconds. 


  • Firewall: Create a wall of flames that deals heavy damage.
  • Nova: Unleash a burst of lighting whenever you spend over a threshold of mana.
  • Meteor: Summon a meteor that damages on landing and burns enemies over time.


  • Deep Freeze: Encase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for a few seconds. While encased you send out waves of ice energy that damage, freeze and chill enemies.
  • Inferno: Set a roaring inferno that burns a target area and damages enemies over time.
  • Conduit: You become lightning incarnate. While in this form, you are immune to damage. You also shock nearby enemies and teleport short distances. 

The main change for the Sorcerer compared to its closest counterpart in Diablo III, the Wizard, is the new freezing and chilling mechanics that are part of Diablo IV. Many of the Sorcerer’ abilities in Diablo IV will slow enemies over time, and eventually freeze them if they are hit by enough spells. Freezing enemies in place and slowing them will make sure that the Sorcerer is more self-sufficient than some of the other caster classes have been in Diablo games. 

Additionally the Diablo IV Sorcerer seems to have 3 very separate lines of play. With other classes you tend to mix and match abilities from whatever parts of the tree you like, but the Sorcerer having elements that build off one another possibly makes it hard to diversify your abilities. Having very disparate lighting, fire and ice Sorcerers in the game may make the Sorcerer feel like 3 narrow classes as opposed to 1 central class. 

To see the Sorceress in action, check out Game Informer’s Gameplay Video 


Basic Attacks

  • Earthspike: Shoot a spike out of the earth to impale enemies. Each time you hit an enemy you gain an increased chance for a Crushing Blow.
  • Shred: Shapeshift into a werewolf and claw the enemy. Has a small chance to strike twice.
  • Storm Strike: Charge your weapon with electricity, then splitting damage between enemies in front of you.
  • Maul: Shapeshift into a werebear and attack an enemy, fortifying yourself.
  • Wind Shear: Conjure a blade of wind that slashes enemies and grants movement speed. 

Spirit Attacks

  • Pulverize: Shapeshift into a werebear and slam the ground and enemies in font of your.
  • Landslide: Crush the enemies with Pillars of Earch, there is a chance for a crushing blow.
  • Tornado: Conjure a vortex that moves outward and curves in a random direction, dealing damage over time.


  • Cyclone Armor: Wind surrounds you, lowering the damage of ranged attack.
  • Earthen Bulwark: Rocks surround you for a few seconds, making you Unstoppable and providing a shield. If the shield remains unbroken, rocks shoot out and damage nearby enemies.
  • Trample: Rush forward as a werebear sunning enemies and dealing damage as you do.
  • Debilitating Roar: Shapeshift into a werebear and bellow with ferocity, reducing the enemy attack speed for a while.
  • Ravenous Bite: Shapeshift into a werewolf and attack an enemy. Dealing damage and healing yourself.


  • Hurricane: Form a hurricane around you that deals damage to nearby enemies over time.
  • Boulder: Unearth a large boulder that knocks back and crushes enemies. Has an additional chance to deal a crushing blow.  


  • Wolves: Passively summons wolves that will attack enemies. You can also actively direct the enemies.
  • Ravens: Passively summons ravens. You can actively summon a swarm of ravens that damages enemies and applies vulnerability.
  • Vine Creeper: Passively summons vines to snare and poison enemies. Can actively target an area to poison and stun enemies. 


  • Cataclysm: A massive storm that follows you. Lighting strikes enemies and tornados knock them back.
  • Grizzly Rage: Transform into a werebear for a brief period. You gain new abilities and are unstoppable.
  • Petrify: Petrify all nearby enemies, stunning them for a few seconds. Enemies that are damaged while stunned take additional damage and are freed. 

The Druid is the class in Diablo IV that is the hardest to compare to any current class in Diablo III. Crushing blows is a mechanic we’ve seen in previously that does % health damage to enemies, but aside from that it’s hard to know exactly what the Druid is going to bring to the battlefield in Diablo IV. 

Based off the gameplay videos that Blizzard has released it does look like the Druid is going to be focused on quickly swapping between all three forms in quick succession for devastating combos and gameplay.

To see the Druid Shapeshift check out Game Informer’s Gameplay Video.

The Rumored Classes: 

We don’t know all the classes that are coming to Diablo IV, but we do know that there will be 5 classes and we have our guesses about the 2 that have yet to be announced. 

Guess 1: The Crusader

Diablo IV doesn’t have a holy class yet. Diablo 1 didn’t have a Holy warrior either but 2 had the Paladin and 3 had the Crusader.  With the past 2 games having a history of holy fighters and the Crusader Class showing up in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm as Johanna it’s become a staple of the Diablo series. Having the Crusader, or a similarly themed holy class missing from Diablo IV would be a big miss in our opinion. 

Traditionally the Crusader class has been a heavy crowd control machine that offers support to their allies. They also have powerful AOE abilities that are fantastic for clearing out large groups of enemies.  Some of these abilities do seem to be on the Barbarian this time around, but we don’t think that knocks the Paladin out of the running and we hope to be burning the hells with holy fire soon.

Guess 2: The Assassin/ Demon Hunter 

The assassin and demon hunter are some of the classes in Diablo that have used the Dex stat traditionally. They also fill the classic rogue archetype that is currently missing from the Diablo IV lineup. Though the Barbarian can technically use quick attacking weapons, it seems like an incredible oversight if there isn’t a single class that focuses on evasion as opposed to direct tankiness.

Additionally the demon hunter/ assassin have had a minor trap focus in the past, something currently missing from the lineup in Diablo IV. Though we’d be excited to see the Crusader come to Diablo IV, the Assassin is the guess that we’re more confident in right now. 

That’s it for our summary of the classes that are in Diablo IV, the game is still a while away from Beta, and we’ll update you if Blizzard releases anything else about the classes that haven’t been announced, or if we get more gameplay of the classes that are released.

Jackson Haime

Jackson Haime

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