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Idle Heroes Simulator codes

Published by Michael on Jan 9th 2023

Dear Robloxians! The portal never stops spitting hordes of monsters. To help your heroes battle them faster, below we present a list of working coupon codes for the Roblox hit, Idle Heroes Simulator. But beware, some of them expire very soon, so I’d suggest you hurry.

Once you’ve finished redeeming them – the whole process is explained below – don’t forget to check our tier lists on the best stuff in Roblox (there, you can also create & share your own lists too).

  • SHINYUPDATE – this code awards you a heroes boost.
  • BOOST200 – this code awards you a rewards boost.
  • FAVORITES100 – this code awards you x500 Coins.
  • SLIME100 – this code awards you a double rewards boost.

Enclamatic Idlers, creators of Idle Heroes Simulator, usually share new codes around the release of each update. To stay up to date with them, be sure to follow devs on their official social media pages (Twitter, Discord, etc.).

Devs announced some time ago, that after Idle Heroes Simulator hits 250 thousand likes, they’ll release new code.

How to redeem coupon codes in Idle Heroes Simulator?

Code redemption in Idle Heroes Simulator might be a bit tricky, especially for new players. But don’t worry, here’s a short guide on how you can do it:

  1. Launch Idle Heroes Simulator in Roblox.
  2. Select the ‘Twitter’ icon (blue bird) on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code and press the ‘Redeem’ button.

Should I play Idle Heroes Simulator?

Idle Heroes Simulator was initially created inside Roblox on April 2nd, 2022, whereas its official launch took place on September 12th of the same year. Since then the game has been visited more than 36.6 million times and added to favorites by 142 thousand accounts.

The title’s like-to-dislike ratio currently sits at 215 thousand positive reactions and 6.5 thousand negative ones.

Gameplay in Idle Heroes Simulator doesn’t differ much from other games labeled as so-called “clickers”. You tap/click to attack the monstrous Titans that come out of the portal. The faster you kill them, the more Coins you get.

This currency, in turn, can be spent on recruiting new Heroes, which greatly accelerate clashes with Titans. For a few Coins, each Hero can also be upgraded to unlock powerful skills and increase the damage output of your team (known as DPS – damage dealt per second).

But Coins aren’t the only currency in Idle Heroes Simulator. For completing various achievements players can earn Gems, which can be exchanged for chests that contain mighty weapons and… deadly pets.

Weapons can be likewise upgraded in the device with a very cute name, ‘Shiny Machine’.

Finally, after reaching higher levels you’ll learn how to perform a Reincarnation. As its name suggests, it allows the player to restart the whole adventure, but this time with special modifications, called Relics.

These unique items give significant boosts to their owner. For example ‘Phoenix Feather’ increases damage every reincarnation, and ‘Emerald Pylon’ raises chances for Treasure Chest.

Moreover, after achieving reincarnation, all of the player’s heroes will disappear and have to be purchased again. Fortunately, in the whole process of rebirth, one of them will gain a significant boost to DPS.

There’s also a feature that lets you trade with other players. But to unlock it you’ll need to reach level 10.

Overall, Idle Heroes Simulator is a seemingly simple game that has hidden depth. Enthusiasts of topping leaderboards will definitely love it. The title also provides an ideal introduction to the world of RPGs for younger players.

What’s new in the Idle Heroes Simulator?

Are you returning player to Idle Heroes Simulator? Here’s a list of changes that were introduced with the ‘Update 2’ (source:

  1. New Ruins Island
  2. New Divine Chest
  3. 50% Sale on Gamepasses
  4. New Shiny Machine! (find in the Main island)
  5. New Passives System! (find in the Main island)
  6. New Secret Pets
  7. Bug Fixes

Expired coupon codes

You’ve got yet another coupon code and you’re not sure if it’s still active? Look no further. Here’s the list of expired coupon codes for Idle Heroes Simulator (via Pro Game Guides):

  • PORTAL50
  • HERO25

Remember to get familiar with Roblox tier lists. In your spare time also visit our ever-growing Discord community. GL&HF 😉

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