7 Reasons Why You’re Not Climbing in League of Legends

1 year ago by Jan Custodio

Climbing up the ranks in League of Legends can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, not every game will push you closer to the next tier. You’ve probably had days when you lose more games than you win, but what if that happens way more often than usual and you keep tanking your standing? Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the top 7 reasons why you’re not climbing in League of Legends.


On Elo hell – this is perhaps one of the most coveted aspects of climbing ranks in LoL, so we won’t cover it here. However, here’s a quick rundown on the truth about Elo hell:

  • There’s no such thing as Elo hell. Every game you lose has one thing in common: you
  • Ranked matchmaking will eventually bring you to the rank (and Elo) you deserve. If you’re no longer climbing, it means you have to start improving yourself.

1. You Play in the Wrong Conditions

Sometimes, you lose games even before you start hitting that rank button. Remember that playing ranked games in LoL requires bringing your A-game. By playing in less than ideal conditions, you are basically gimping yourself on purpose. That being said, what should you do to make sure the conditions are good enough? Here’s a quick rundown on things to check:

  • Your hardware – Make sure you’re playing on a computer that can run LoL smoothly. Check your keyboard mouse – the last thing you want is an unexpected hiccup during a game-deciding team fight.
  • Your network – Play ranked games only when your internet connection is stable. Check the ping in a test match or quick play. If you see your ping spiking over 100ms, you’d be playing at a slight disadvantage. Don’t even bother queuing up for ranked if you’re getting disconnected from time to time!
  • Yourself – This often tends to get ignored, but you have to be physically and mentally fit to bring your A-game. When your rank is on the line, fatigue, sickness, and even discomfort can have a negative effect on your reflexes.

2. You Don’t Have the Mechanics

This one’s a tough pill to swallow, but the ranked system is more than a race to the top; it’s a reflection of your skill compared to other players. If you’re losing more games than usual, it could be a sign that you’re getting matched against players who are simply better than you. Fortunately, you can always get better in the game.

A funny watch, but these are the moves that tend to cost games.

Check your game history and replay each game. Take your time studying the basics ranging from your last hitting consistency to item builds and even how you move at different stages of the game. It’s easy to say that you “did everything you could” but still lost, but you will be surprised to find how many misplays you can make, even when winning games. While spending time in practice tool helps, spending PvP games (preferably draft pick) is better since it still has the feel of an actual ranked game.

3. You Don’t Understand the Meta

With well over a hundred champs to choose from, it’s not surprising that some champs are simply more effective in the game’s current meta than others. For example, patch 10.1 puts Miss Fortune and Jinx on top of the tier lists, while Xayah is no longer as strong as before. If you get stuck playing a limited selection of champs, you might end up at a serious disadvantage every time a patch changes the meta.

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If you want to win more games, you have to learn to adapt to the meta. Use our tier list to keep track of which champs are having more success than others and try to understand why these champs are strong in the current patch. See which champs counter them and learn to use those counter-picks (if the other team gets the meta champs before you). Even learning which item builds and skill orders are popular can go a long way when it comes to using (or dealing with) the current tier toppers.

4. You Rely TOO MUCH on the Meta

Paying attention to the metagame can help, but it can also be a bad thing if you become too dependent on them. This is especially true in lower-ranked play, where the top-tier champs don’t perform as well as they’re supposed to due to lack of player skill. Unless you’re already comfortable with the meta picks, you’re actually bound to do better with a champion that you’re comfortable with. Some players even take this to another level, staying to a rigid item buying order even if it puts them behind even further.

You have to remember that playing an off-meta champ that youknow inside-out is way better than picking a meta champ for the first time in aranked game. This goes hand-in-hand with our previous point (knowing the meta)since you’d want to familiarize yourself with as many champs as possible. Thatbeing said, it’s great to have a few comfort picks that are consistentlyconsidered “decent” regardless of the meta.

5. You Play for Yourself Instead of the Team

While playing closer attention to how well you perform in a game is important, this shouldn’t come at the cost of being able to contribute to the team. While this usually happens in lower-level play, you will still see “solo” players like these even in diamond and beyond. We’re talking about players who prioritize kills and personal stats over objectives. To make matters worse, these are the players who often think they lost because their teammates are bad, regardless of how many poor plays they made.

This may sound like something too obvious, but you always have to prioritize objectives over your individual KDA. In fact, your KDA shouldn’t even be something you should consider if you really want to win. Don’t break away from the group chasing after that nearly-dead enemy if your team needs you to push down the lane with them. Countless games have been lost because greedy players get caught overextending, putting their team at a numbers disadvantage during key team fights.

6. You Spend Too Much Time in Chat

Do you feel like your team’s jungler spends too much time farming? Did your top laner fall a few levels behind despite not leaving his lane? Is your support accidentally stealing kills? Your teammates can make so many mistakes that it’s tempting to call them out on it. While giving them a brief suggestion or two through chat is fine, there are many instances where a simple comment can turn into an all-out argument. Instead of giving your full attention to what’s happening in-game, you’re spending time and effort coming up with the next comeback to put your teammate in place.

If Swain spent more time actually playing instead of trash-talking his teammates, they’d probably have a better chance of winning.

Here’s a good suggestion to prevent this kind of thing from ruining your chances of winning: don’t bother chatting with your teammates if you have nothing useful to say. Thanks to map pings, it’s possible to tell teammates something without the need to waste time in chat and risking a flame war. If you really need to type something, be brief and say it politely; a lot of players will take your suggestions well if you’re nice about it.

7. You Keep Trying to Break that Losing Streak

Losing several ranked games can be a very frustrating experience, so much so that you will probably find yourself queuing one more time in hopes of trying to break your losing streak. In theory, winning a game to break the streak will help you feel a bit better, and all will be right with the world. In practice, people coming off losing streaks tend to play even worse because they feel more pressured to win, plus they’re already demoralized so they’re no longer bringing their A-game.

Image result for lose streak league of legends
“Just one more game” rarely turns out well for tilted players.

The last thing you want is to put your rank on the line when you’re already “tilted” since you’re stressed, angry, sad, and maybe all three at once. Fortunately, the best way to shake off a losing streak is not to break it, but to forget about it. Call it a day and take a break! Spend some time in unranked play, or even in a coop vs AI match just to blow off some steam. Check those replays and take some time figuring out where you went wrong. You can always try to climb tomorrow when you’ve already regained your cool.


You win some; you lose some, especially when it comes to ranked play. However, you can always tip the scales in your favor if you’re aware of the factors that could keep you from climbing. At the end of the day, winning more games boils down to honing your skills and getting into the right mindset when playing the game. We hope this has helped you change your perspective of your climb up the ranked ladder. Have you been in a losing streak recently? Share your stories in the comments section below!

Jan Custodio

Jan Custodio

Jan is an avid PC gamer and an FB Gaming streamer. His favorite titles include Starcraft, Doom, For Honor, and Warframe, but he also enjoys playing popular Esport titles including League of Legends and Rainbow Six:Siege. When not playing PC games, Jan watches professional wrestling, building gunpla, and riding his motorycle.

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