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1 year ago by Jan Custodio

Just like in other games where there are dozens of characters to choose from, Overwatch has a hero selection that slightly adheres to the rock-paper-scissors mentality. However, counter-picks in this game are not set in stone; patch changes will dictate the meta, as well as how well a hero fares against certain threats.

Going over every single hero would be quite the chore, so to keep new players from feeling overwhelmed, we’re going to focus on what actually matters: picks who are widely considered as the best in the game’s current meta. These are the heroes you’ll see in almost every game, competitive or otherwise because of how much of an impact they can make. Pick the right counters for them and you can take away a powerhouse from the enemy team.


Thanks to his healing grenades, Baptiste provides an excellent amount of healing without the need for pinpoint accuracy like Ana. Add his mobility (Exo Boots), a self-heal (Regenerative Burst), a decent health pool, an anti-burst ability (Immortality Fied), AND ability to turn your entire team into tank-busters (Amplification Matrix), and you have an overloaded pick that can fend for himself while also providing excellent synergy with today’s tank-heavy meta.

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Counter – Ashe: Countering Baptiste is less about killing him, and more about immediately getting rid of the utility he provides via his Immortality Field. Any DPS hero can counter him, but special mention goes out to Ashe. Her dynamite works well because of the delayed explosion. Toss the dynamite where the field is and shoot down Baptiste’s generator. If done right, the dynamite will go off right when the field is gone, likely hitting a bunch of injured enemy teammates huddled within the field’s range.


On paper, Hanzo is supposed to be a long-range specialist. However, his Storm Arrows and ability to peel for himself with Lunge and Wall Climb makes him effective even in close ranges. Because he has zero damage dropoff, Hanzo can deal insane DPS to both barriers and tanks alike, making him a powerhouse in the current meta. His Dragon Strike is also fairly easy to use, either for breaking enemy formations or stalling and denying an area during overtime.


Counter – Genji: Hanzo’s greatest weakness is his little brother, Genji. Genji’s mobility completely negates Hanzo’s ability to peel, while Deflect outright hard-counters Storm Arrows and the arrow portion of Dragon Strike. Some could argue that Widowmaker could be a good counter-pick, but she does poorly against the rest of the enemy team because she can’t break barriers faster that you’re better off picking something more useful against the other team in general.


Mei is an odd hero that just happens to have a little bit of everything. She’s slightly tanky with a heal that also happens to be a great stalling tool. Her weapon is very easy to use so she can easily take down soft targets on her own. Anything too tanky for her gun can be safely locked down for the rest of the team to gang upon. Last but not least, her ultimate synergizes so well with other AoE ultimates while also posing a huge area-denial threat.

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Counter – Reaper: While Zarya and Orisa can nullify Mei’s freezing abilities, they don’t have enough firepower to immediately take her out of the fight. Reaper’s shotguns deal enough burst damage to kill Mei or force her to freeze herself. Mei can try to fight back, but he can use Wraith Form to keep himself from freezing up even if she uses her ultimate.


The other secondary healer of the current meta, Moira’s kit makes her one of the most versatile heroes in the game, which means you will almost always see her all the way up to Diamond tier. Like Baptiste, her heals work best on larger targets clumped together in death-ball compositions. However, she also has the mobility to keep up with more mobile teams (especially dive comps). Damage-wise, she doesn’t really offer much, but her basic attack automatically tracks targets (plus she needs to keep attacking anyway) so it helps keep mobile squishies such as Tracer and Genji at bay.

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Counter – Roadhog: Moira’s not much of an offensive threat but she can win most duels against DPS characters if her Biotic Orb and Fade are used defensively. This isn’t the case with Roadhog because his hook combo has enough burst to take her down or at least bring her very low. McCree also works well against Moira, but he doesn’t have the self-heal and HP to follow-up in case Moira was able to bait out his Flashbang.


Perhaps the top workhorse of Overwatch’s current Meta, Orisa brings so much to the table when it comes to death-ball teams. Paired with another barrier-dependent tank like Reinhardt and Sigma, barely anything can get past a well-coordinated push. Her kit is also perfect for the current meta; she has defensive tools to survive sustained fire and crowd control, her primary weapon provides decent ranged DPS, and her Halt! is basically a mini-Zarya ult available once every 8 seconds! Last but not least, her ultimate helps compensate for the lack of damage coming from tank-oriented teams.

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Counter – Hanzo: Let’s face it; if you’re fighting an Orisa, chances are she’s in the middle of the enemy team’s formation, safe from the usual tank-buster, Reaper. Bastion has enough firepower to punch through her shields in seconds, but his mobility makes him an easy target even for Orisa’s projectile-based guns. Your best hope of pumping out enough damage safely is from a distance, and that’s where Hanzo’s Storm Arrows come into play. Also, Hanzo has one of the few ultimates that can force Orisa and the rest of the enemy team to temporarily break up.


The other half of what makes barrier-heavy death-ball compositions work, Reinhardt provides the opportunity to push forward while Orisa’s own shields are on cooldown. He can also charge and pin-down priority targets given the chance, although his true value lies in being able to block incoming damage rather than dealing it. Earthshatter also works especially well against other death-ball teams, provided something else gets rid of their shields.


Counters – Reaper, Hanzo, Bastion – Unlike Orisa, Reinhardt doesn’t have any range, peel or defensive ability to keep enemies at bay once his shield goes down. Bastion has plenty of time to kill a charging Reinhardt, and both Hanzo and Reaper will have no trouble landing shots on his exceptionally large hitbox. Stop an enemy team’s Reinhardt and the enemy team will have a difficult time pushing forward.


A great alternative to Reinhardt for complimenting Orisa’s shields, Sigma is an amazing shielder/off-tank thanks to the versatility of his Experimental Barrier. He can project the shield in front of his teammates to lead a push and even get it past the enemy front line to force their long-ranged supports to reposition. He also boasts excellent damage potential because all his offensive abilities are capable of dealing splash damage and synergize well with Orisa’s Halt. While he doesn’t offer much in terms of mobility, you will often see Sigma in the middle of the enemy team’s “double-barrier” composition, along with Orisa.


Counter – Mei: Mei has three things that can help deal with an enemy Sigma. First, her Endothermic blaster’s primary fire isn’t affected by Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp. Next, she has Cryo-Freeze to dodge his Accretion and Gravitic Flux. Last but not least, she has Ice Wall that she can put in the middle of the enemy formation to Isolate Sigma from the rest of his team. He lacks any form of mobility outside his ultimate, so he’s pretty much dead as soon as Mei gets in range.


Zenyatta may be a good single-target healer, but his real value comes from his Orb of Discord. Zenyatta’s ability to double his team’s damage against a single target is borderline mandatory, especially in the highest levels of play, where players land shots more consistently. His Transendence remains one of the most game-changing ultimates in the game, allowing his team to make a safe push and preventing the enemy team from doing the same.

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Counters – Reaper/Genji/Tracer/Sombra OR Ana: Zenyatta will almost always be on the backline so he has a good view of key targets to discord while also sitting behind the safety of his team’s shields. Since he has a low health pool, zero mobility, poor close-range offense, and a distinct hitbox, Zenyatta is the perfect target for any flanker in the game. However, you may want to switch to an Ana if you know that Zenyatta’s Transcendence is available. Once you hear him pop his ultimate, throw a biotic grenade on key targets (not Zenyatta himself!) to render him useless.


That wraps up our discussion on counter-picking the most popular heroes in Overwatch’s current meta. We hope this can help you turn the tables of every match in your favor. Do you have other counter-pick suggestions for the current FoTMs? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section!

Jan Custodio

Jan Custodio

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