Overwatch Tips – Unconventional Tricks for Each Hero

1 year ago by Jan Custodio

Playing Overwatch can be a very different experience depending on which hero you chose from. While each pick’s ability kit is pretty straightforward, some players have learned subtle tricks that may be the thing that gives you the edge over the competition. We’re going with one trick for each hero; feel free to try them out!


Discount Nanoboost Reaper – Ana’s Biotic Grenade provides a heal boost that doubles ALL sources of healing on allies, including Reaper’s life steal. The best part? You don’t even need to land it on more than one enemy; just hitting your reaper is enough. You now have a teammate that heals 100% of the damage he deals, turning him into a hard-hitting tank for a few seconds.


Instant Dynamite Explosion – Hold your fire button immediately after throwing the dynamite and it will be fast enough to trigger an explosion in midair. This turns the dynamite from a zoning tool into an instant AoE ability.


Deadlier Dynamites – Got an Ashe on your team? You’d probably want to roll Baptiste. His Amplification Field doubles not just the explosion, but also the burn damage it deals over time. With a minimum damage of 260 (60 explosion, 200 burn), any non-tank hero caught in the blast will die unless they find a way to heal themselves.


Sustained Fire – Bastion’s reload animations are slow but you can minimize your downtime by switching modes. Transforming is way faster than reloading your active weapon and automatically reloads your inactive weapon after 1.5 seconds. Most importantly, you still get to fire at the enemy instead of standing there waiting for the reload animation to finish.


Begone, Tank! – If you use Whip Shot immediately after Shield Bash, the small knockback from the bash stacks with the knockback from Whip Shot, launching the enemy significantly farther away. This is perfect for keeping an enemy tank away from a skirmish or pushing them over a ledge.


Need a ‘mech? – If for some reason your Meka gets destroyed while you’re near a spawn point, run back to your spawn, change to a different hero, then change back to D.Va. to get a brand new ride instead of trying to refill your charge meter by fighting on foot.


Knuckle Gun Sandwich – Instead of treating Doomfist’s hand cannon as a “basic attack”, use it between his other abilities when performing combos for more guaranteed damage. Hand cannon shots can also be used to cancel ability recovery animations, minimizing your overall downtime.


Quicker Dragonblade – The initial animation of Genji’s Dragonblade will keep you from attacking immediately. If you’re next to a wall, you can cancel this animation by briefly climbing a wall. If done correctly, you’ll be able to start slashing almost as soon as you activate your ultimate.


Reverse Whack-a-mole – Hanzo walks slowly when charging a shot, but he can climb just fine. Use this knowledge to quickly peek over walls with a fully-charged arrow ready to fire. Simply charge, climb, release your arrow, then fall back to cover. Firing a sonic arrow for the first time also makes it easier to acquire targets for succeeding climbs.


Rear Tire – If you plan to use RIP-tire while in the enemy’s line of sight, turn away before using your ultimate. This will make it more difficult for the enemy team to shoot the tire. Sure, you will most likely die, but at least you get a chance to maneuver your RIP-tire to attack them from a different angle.


Post-Ult Charge – Because Lucio’s ultimate can be charged by healing teammates, you’d want to save Amp it Up for times where your teammates are expected to take a lot of damage. One of the best times to do this is right after the shields from your ultimate wears off because your teammates are most likely (1) within healing range, and (2) still taking fire from the enemy. This lets you get a few seconds of significantly increased ult charge for your next Sound Barrier.


18-shot Sequence – Right after you fire your last bullet, use Combat Roll for an instant reload. After you empty your weapon again, activate Deadeye and instantly cancel it for another instant reload. This is a great alternative to using Deadeye, especially when losing mobility during the ultimate is too risky.


Anti-graviton – If you’re caught in Zarya’s Graviton Surge, look straight down and use Ice Wall. The wall will push you and adjacent teammates high enough to let you avoid most of the follow-up damage which is normally aimed towards where the center of the ultimate is.


Beams Beyond Walls – Both healing and damage amplification beams will stay locked to the target a little after they break from Mercy’s line of sight. Because the beam has a respectable range (about 15 meters), Mercy can activate the beam, hide behind a wall, and refresh the line of sight just before the beam deactivates.


Orb of Attrition – When fighting an enemy Moira, it’s better to use the healing orb instead of the damage orb. Unless you are in range of the enemy’s damage orb for its full duration, you will always end up having more health than your enemy, plus you can buy more time for your allies to get to you.


Scouting Orb – Orisa’s Halt! sends out an orb that pulls enemies in range when activated. The orb will emit a beam towards any target in range. You can use these beams to scout for enemies setting up for ambushes behind corners or walls while also having the option to pull them out of their hiding spots.


Flying on Empty – If you got pushed off a ledge without fuel and jump jet on cooldown, you can use Barrage to suspend yourself in midair for 3 seconds. This is more than enough to refill your fuel so you won’t fall to your death (plus Barrage will probably be able to kill whoever pushed you).


Reload Melee – Reaper’s reload animation can be canceled by a quick melee attack the moment he lets go of his shotguns. This won’t speed up reload times, but it will allow you to do a bit more damage up close while swapping guns since you’d want to be fighting at near melee ranges anyway.


360 Swing – Reinhardt can hit all enemies around him if you turn fast enough in the same direction of where his hammer is going. This is useful right after a multi-man Earthshatter, when you’re surrounded by enemies, or if there’s too much going on that you can’t see what’s happening.


Come Closer – When you land a hook, you can turn left or right so that the pulled enemy will end up closer to your team. If you’re standing next to a bottomless pit, you can use this trick by standing on the edge and turning towards the pit to drop the enemy to their death.


Justice Denied – If the enemy Pharah uses Barrage, you can counter her by pushing your Experimental Shield towards her. The splash damage from her rockets will kill the Pharah who won’t be able to cancel or move out of the way during the duration of her ultimate.

Soldier: 76

Just Like Gabe – Like his nemesis, Soldier: 76 has a deceptively short reload time. You can perform another action as soon as you see him slam the ammo into the gun. You can perform a melee attack, drop a Biotic Field, and even use Helix Rockets to minimize your downtime. Like with Reaper, this doesn’t really speed up reload times – it just lets you do something between reloads.


Bait Them Out – It’s common for many players to assume that Sombra will unleash her EMP after teleporting in the middle of their team using her Translocator. Place your translocator in the middle of their team, then cancel it immediately after. This should be able to trick your targets into using their ultimates or defensive abilities.


Order and Chaos – Symmetra’s teleporter can transport certain abilities, including D.Va’s Meka and Junkrat’s RIP-tire. However, this trick is more important for Junkrat because his ultimate makes plenty of noise. Sneaky teleporter placement will catch enemies off-guard when the RIP-tire they’re tracking by sound pops up from a completely different direction.


“Defensive” Turret – Torbjörn’s turret has a collision hitbox to prevent players from simply walking over it. The same collision hitbox can also be used to stop certain abilities such as Roadhog’s hook or Reinhardt’s charge, although it will require a good sense of timing and a lot of practice.


Ground Bomb – Pulse Bomb’s explosion radius is a bit bigger if it DOESN’T stick to an enemy hero. This means the best way to take out grouped enemies is by throwing the Pulse Bomb directly below them instead of directly on whoever’s in the middle of the group. This is trick works best when combined with Orisa’s Halt! or Zarya’s Graviton Surge.


Ninja Defense – If you’re fighting Genji and your Grappling Hook is on cooldown, shoot a Widow Mine directly at your feet; this will guarantee that Genji will take 75 damage just by trying to dash through you. After that, you only need 9 hits from your gun’s full auto mode to take him down.


Punch Through – Winston should be the last hero to end up fighting with armored targets like Reinhardt and D.Va. If for some reason you have no choice but to fight an armored opponent, use quick melee as much as possible while firing. Quick melee does more damage per hit to armor than the continuous tick of his Tesla Cannon.

Wrecking Ball

Scouting Orb, Too! – When Wrecking Ball starts rolling, the camera immediately switches to a third-person view. Instead of speeding off immediately, you can use the wide view angle to scout corners to prevent your team from falling prey to ambushes. This is especially useful when you’re on the attacking team.


Graviton Kiss – If your team needs your ultimate and the enemy team has a D.VA or Genji, pop your shield, run to the middle of the enemy team, crouch and fire your Graviton Surge at the ground. Your Graviton Surge will almost alway go off, plus the damage absorbed by your shield while closing in will give you plenty of damage to follow up your ultimate.


Body Block – Transcendence speeds up Zenyatta’s movement speed and renders him immune to damage and certain types of crowd control. You can use these buffs to take on certain moves such as Reinhardt’s Charge or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch that would have otherwise killed a teammate. Because of the CC immunity, you can walk (fly?) immediately back to your team as soon as you recover.

Unconventional Tricks – Conclusion

This wraps up our rundown on cool tricks that you may want to try for each hero. Do you have other tactics that you think should be used more often? Let us know at the comments section!

Jan Custodio

Jan Custodio

Jan is an avid PC gamer and an FB Gaming streamer. His favorite titles include Starcraft, Doom, For Honor, and Warframe, but he also enjoys playing popular Esport titles including League of Legends and Rainbow Six:Siege. When not playing PC games, Jan watches professional wrestling, building gunpla, and riding his motorycle.

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