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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is not a joke and it is certainly one of the best, if not the best fighting game for Nintendo consoles. On June 22 Nintendo revealed the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character/fighter named Min Min. If you are curious to know about all of the new things coming with the new DLC, make sure to scroll down and prepare for the new character release meant to come to the game on June 29.

If you already fought all of the 74 main characters found on the list of Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters, there is a high chance you wish there would be more of them to play around. Lucky for you, the newest DLC will provide you with a decent amount of new fighters. So far we have been informed there are six new fighters arriving in Fighters Pass Season 2, however, all of them will be individually unveiled.

Sadly, game director Masahiro Sakurai warned us about possible delays when it comes to Smash Bros Ultimate DLC’s, which means no one really knows when the next DLC character will be released. The reasoning behind delays is the health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We at least know that the last Fighters Pass were seasonal, therefore, there is a chance we will be seeing a new character every three to four months.

While we might not have been huge fans of Cuphead becoming a Mii Fighter because it is certainly one of the best indie fighter games out there. Each fighter/character that comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate is very unique and has a completely different playstyle. With all of the characters that end up introduced to the game, we are getting moves, stages, and awesome soundtracks that are certainly worth the wait.

Introduction To A New Fighter!

Knowing Smash Bros DLCs are all pretty much about fighters, Nintendo has made sure to reveal all of the five characters for the first Fighters Pass and now we have it confirmed that they will release Min Min as the sixth DLC character added to the game since the game was released (December 2018.).

Check out the video below to see Min Min Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 DLC Reveal Trailer.

Who Is Min Min?

The last fighter that joined the SSBU DLC list was Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and he was released back in January. This month, we are getting Min Min from another fighting game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. In the announcement stream, Masahiro Sakurai mentioned that the producer of Arms really wanted Min Min to join the SSBU squad. If you have never really had a chance to play Arms, the game is mainly about characters with extendable arms that look like springs. Taking this into the consideration, many believe that Min Min will be great at attacking from range.

Min Min is the first representative from the Arms series to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate and she seems to be quite powerful from what we have seen. Her elastic limbs make her able to extend her arms and have extremely unique movements that are all over the stage most of the time.

In the announcement, Sakurai showed us Min Min’s abilities and even offered a few tips on how to play her (Check the video below). According to Sakurai, Min Min is certainly much different than any other fighters so far. You have full control over Min Min’s attacks and by using A and B buttons (each representing an arm) you can make some great smash attacks. When it comes to Min Min’s Final Smash, she can invite her Arms rivals and make them fight on her side by punching an opponent. Min Min also has weapons she can swap whenever she wants. One of them is meant to knock out the enemies, while the other one is meant to help out with damage and keep the enemies away from the stage. If you prefer keeping yourself on the ground and fighting, Min Min will be a great choice. Her kit is all about fighting your opponents on the ground and keeping them away by taking advantage of having such long arms and great weapons.

Basic Overview Of Min Min’s Attacks

  • Hold and release either A or B button in order to have Min Min lunge her arms forward
  • Keep on pressing both buttons in order to send out many long-ranged punches at your enemy
  • Charge up your A and B attacks by holding either of the buttons and tilting your joystick to left or right – this will allow you to deal more powerful Smash Attacks and make some great looking punches
  • Min Min can do all of these powerful moves while she is in the air, something no other character in SSBU can
  • Holding button B and downward on your joystick allows you to swap between three different weapons (Ring Ramram, Megawatt, Dragon)

Weapons explained:

Ring Ramram is a circular blade that is mainly used to poke your enemies and create a safe space.

Megawatt is a slow wrecking ball that causes a lot of damage and in 50% of the cases can even kill an opponent if fully charged.

Dragon is a weapon that is permanently equipped to Min Min’s left arm, it is the only weapon she is able to dual-wield and is a middle ground between the first two weapons.

Fighters Pass Vol 2.

Aside from getting an awesome champion by the looks of it, we are also getting a new stage named Spring Stadium. In this particular stage, you will be able to launch your opponents have them bounce off the arches on the stadium. To make Fighters Pass Vol 2. even better, we are also getting 18 Arms soundtracks that will certainly make some of the fights even more fun! Spring Stadium, Min Min, and 18 awesome soundtracks will all be available for purchase on June 29th. The Fighters Pass Vol 2. will cost $29.99, however, if you want an only Min Min Challenger Pack, you will have to pay $5.99 only.

Masahiro Sakurai did not reveal anything related to future DLC champions, but what we know so far is that there will be at least five other champions together with Min Min that will be a part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

If you love Amiibos, Sakurai probably made you very happy because he revealed a few very cool Amiibos too. Banjo Kazooie and Joker from Persona 5 are both getting their Amiibos and to make things even better, we even got to see Mii Fighter costumes such as Vault Boy from the well-known Fallout series, Callie and Marie from the very popular Splatoon and Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series.

Is Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Worth Buying?

It is impossible to know whether Fighters Pass Vol. 2. will be worth buying considering we have not seen all it has to offer. Just like first Fighters Pass, this one will also allow you to buy the champions individually in case you do not want all of them. According to various people who have bought Fighters Pass in the past, it is worth the money, and if you are a real fan of Super Smash Bros, having all of the champions is very important.

Is Min Min One Of The Most Powerful DLC Characters? Why?

After Min Min got revealed to the public, fans have gone crazy wondering about the gameplay and her kit. According to various pro players, Min Min might be the most powerful character in the game once she is released. While it will take time to adapt to Min Min and her mechanics, those who figure it all out will certainly turn to be dangerous opponents to people they face.

What makes Min Min so powerful?

One of the most powerful traits Min Min has but other characters do not is the fact that she is able to throw out her Smash Attacks mid-air. Each character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate has access to only four directional Smash Attacks. These attacks are usually the strongest moves in the game and some are even considered to be K.O. moves. All characters need to be on the ground in order to pull off a Smash Attack, however, with Min Min, that is not the case. Unlike other characters who need to stand on the ground to do their Smash Attack, Min Min can do it in the air which gives her a huge advantage right away.


We have only seen one out of six confirmed Fighters Pass Vol. 2 characters so far, so it is hard to say which other characters we can expect to see, however, one thing is certain – Min Min is an awesome character that seems to be a game-changer for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate series. Seeing how committed Sakurai is to bringing new characters from different franchises to the SSBU series, who knows what else Fighters Pass Vol. 2 has for us in the future.



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