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11 months ago by Jackson Haime

Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder is a staple of the PC Gaming scene that’s been around for longer than most other Gaming mice on the market. It’s comfortable to use and extremely responsive.

Two buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse give you extra options for keybinds.  Two buttons is more than enough to cover your abilities, but if you’re looking to have every hotkey on the mouse it’s going to fall a little short.

Overall the mouse is high quality, but it has some reliability issues. Over two years of owning one, I had to replace it twice, with the second mouse only lasting six months. I’m sure that’s partially on me, but I haven’t run into the same issue with other gaming mice, and I appreciate a product I can throw in my backpack on my way to a buddy’s house.

It’s a solid choice, but the last thing you want is to be stuck in a round with a dying mouse if you don’t replace it often enough.


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Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech g502 Hero is #1 gaming mouse on Amazon. For a good reason. I have and use the g520 as my gaming mouse. It’s snappy, responsive and has a bunch of beneficial features.

Two things I love about the mouse are the adjustable weights and durability. The mouse comes with a small set of weights in the box you can use to adjust it to your hands, a godsend for people who prefer a heavier mouse. I personally find that no-weights is the set-up for me, but the option is stellar.

The mouse is durable. We have two in my household, and after almost two years, neither of them have run into any issues at all. I’ve also gotten my friends using the mouse, and it’s worked fantastically for them as well.

Amazon says that this mouse has 11 customizable buttons; it realistically only has 6. The ’11 buttons’ includes the scroll wheel (Press, Up and Down) as well as the left and right mouse buttons, so don’t expect to have 11 options beyond that on the mouse seeing as all those buttons are already taken in Valorant.

One of those buttons that can technically be reassigned is the ‘Snipe’ button on the front of the mouse. When pressed, it lowers the DPI of the mouse so that small movements change your aim less. I don’t personally use it for sniping, but I know some people who swear by it.

Overall it’s a fantastic product and the mouse I suggest to friends. If you’re looking for a mouse for Valorant, this is my personal favorite.

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PICTEK Gaming Mouse

PICTEK wins the budget gaming mouse 2020 award. This mouse is only $22.00 on Amazon, while most of the other options on this list retail for about $70.00. Considering that, this mouse is a slam dunk.

The PICTEK gaming mouse is highly customizable, with a couple more buttons than the Death Adder above. Additionally, each of those buttons can have macros assigned to them, so quick key-combos can be embedded right into the mouse.

Overall it’s an excellent option for a gaming mouse and the best budget gaming mouse. The only issue is that the program used to customize the mouse doesn’t work on Mac. Now, neither does Valorant but it’s easier to get Valorant running on a Mac than this mouse, so it is something to keep in mind.

There is a full RGB version for only a small surcharge, which I would personally splurge for.

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Redragon M602 RGB

The Reddragon M602 RGB is another contender on the budget end of the spectrum, plus it has a dragon on it! What’s not to love?


The M602 RGB falls short of its main competitor from PIKTEC in several vital ways. The plastic on the mouse feels cheaper than I’d like, and it has run into some reliability issues according to the Amazon reviews, though I haven’t personally had any problems.

The main sticking point is that unlike the PIKTEC above, the M602 feels like a budget option once you have it, which is the last thing you want from part of your battle-station. You are cutting costs but also cutting quality, which isn’t something I can suggest.

As a first gaming mouse or as a mouse for someone with smaller hands, the Reddragon is still going to beat any non-gaming mouse, but it just falls short of its contemporaries when it comes to feel. You could do worse, but it’s not getting my nod as a good mouse for Valorant specifically.

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Corsair Nightsword

Aside from taking home the ‘Best gaming mouse name’ award, the Corsair Nightsword has a lot going for it. The mouse is snappy, feels great, and most of its functions play like a clone of the Logitech G502,which I am definitely not complaining about.

The one thing the mouse does have over the G502, is that it has built in profiles that let you program the mouse for different games. That said, there have been some reports of these profiles changing mid-game or just not properly equipping when a game launches, which makes it hard to give Corsair points for the cool feature. You don’t want to launch into a game of Valorant only to realize that your keybinds are broken.

Additionally, the mouse is a touch larger than I personally need. The ‘snipe’ button ends up about half an inch ahead of my thumb when I am holding the mouse comfortably, which isn’t great. That said, if you have larger hands the Nightsword is going to be a better mouse for Valorant for you than the G502.

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The Winners

Best Gaming Mouse 2020: Logitech G502

Powerful, well priced, durable, awesome. After two years the G502 is still my recommended buy if you need a mouse for Valorant.

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Best Budget Mouse 2020: PICTEK Gaming Mouse

Despite an uncreative name, the PICTEK doesn’t sacrifice much to have a low price-point, making it an incredible gaming mouse for beginners, or just for someone who doesn’t play enough to justify a specific mouse for Valorant.

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Jackson Haime

Jackson Haime

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