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1 year ago by Jan Custodio

Riot’s newest first-person shooter has already started its closed beta phase and it’s just a matter of time before the game is available to the public. That being said, you should start looking at the game’s different options so you’ll have a few comfort picks right off the bat. Of course, we’re always here to help you out so here’s our rundown on Valorant’s agents and their abilities!


breach character select

True to his name, Breach is all about helping the team make a successful push. This makes him an ideal support for entry fraggers.

Aftershock (100C)

Launches an explosive at a wall. After a brief delay, the explosive detonates, damaging enemies directly behind the wall. Enemies closer to the wall take more damage.

Flashpoint (200C)

Works just like Aftershock, but instead of causing damage the explosive blinds enemies instead.

Fault Line (35-second cooldown)

Charge a non-damaging attack that stuns enemies in a straight line.

Rolling Thunder (7 ultimate orbs)

A souped-up version of Fault Line that also briefly launches enemies, preventing them from moving or shooting back.


Brimstone character select

Brimstone’s kit is specially designed to create map control, with half of his abilities cast thru the minimap. An excellent pick for leaders or shot-callers.

Stim Beacon (100C)

Deploy a beacon that buffs nearby friendlies’ fire rate, reload, weapon swap, and recovery.

Incendiary (200C)

Equips a grenade launcher that fires a Molotov, briefly blanketing a small area with flames. The projectile bounces off walls and only detonates upon hitting the ground.

Sky Smoke (100C)

Uses the minimap to cover an area with thick smoke.

Orbital Strike (6 ultimate orbs)

Bombard an area with a strong orbital laser, causing more damage near the center of the blast.


cypher character select

A champ that specializes in gathering info. Cypher works best as a lurker or a defensive support.

Trapwire (200C)

Sets up an tripwire. When triggered by an enemy, the wire attaches to the target and reveals them. If not destroyed after a short time, Trapwire briefly dazes the enemy.

Cyber Cage (100C)

Deploy an invisible trap. When activated, the trap creates a layer of smoke. Enemies caught in the smoke are slowed and create a distinct noise when moving.

Spycam (can be recalled and recast)

Places an invisible spycam. When in use, the camera becomes visible and and audible. Can shoot enemies with a non-damaging projectile to reveal them until manually pulled out.

Neural Theft (7 ultimate orbs)

Targets an enemy corpse to reveal all remaining enemies thru walls.


jett character select

One of the first agents revealed by Riot, Jett is a great lurker thanks to her mobility.

Glide (passive)

Hold the jump button to glide in midair.

Cloudburst (100C)

Casts a projectile that creates an obscuring cloud of smoke. Cloudburst can be curved while in the air.

Updraft (200C)

Launch upwards. Useful for climbing high places or evading enemies.

Tailwind (resets every 2 kills)

Dash in the direction you are moving.

Blade Storm (6 ultimate orbs)

Equip floating kunai that can be thrown for massive damage. Can be thrown one at a time or all at once. Killing hits will reset the kunai.


omen character select

Omen’s abilities are focused on creating distraction and flanking opponents, making him a decent lurker.

Shrouded Step (100C)

Briefly channel to teleport to a targeted area.

Paranoia (200C)

Fire a projectile that passes through walls. Enemies hit by paranoia suffer from reduced visibility.

Dark Cover (30-second cooldown)

Deploy a smoke grenade that can pass through walls. Can be stores up to 2 charges.

From the Shadows (7 ultimate orbs)

Select a location in the minimap. After a moderate channeling time, teleport to the selected area.


phoenix character select

Phoenix has a well-balanced kit, but his ultimate makes him a great pick for an entry fragger.

Blaze (200C)

Casts a wall of fire that can be curved. The wall obscures vision, damages enemies, and heals you.

Curveball (100C)

Fires a projectile that can be curved left or right. The projectile detonates in midair, blinding nearby agents.

Hothands (resets after 2 kills)

Throws a fireball on the ground to cover an area in flames that damage enemies and heals you.

Run It Back (6 ultimate orbs)

Cast at your current location. For a limited time, getting killed will respawn you to that location after a brief animation.


raze agent select

With a kit centered on direct damage and explosives, Raze is a great entry fragger or support agent.

Boom Bot (200C)

Deploy a ground drone that travels in a straight line and bounces off walls. If an enemy is nearby, the drone homes into them and explodes when nearby. Can be destroyed with gunfire or other damaging abilities.

Blast Pack (100C – can be purchased twice)

Throws an explosive charge that will stick to surfaces. Detonating the charge deals AoE damage to everyone except you. The explosion will also knock back anyone caught in the blast.

Paint Shells (200C – can be purchased twice)

Throws a cluster grenade. Can be thrown overhead or lobbed at a lower arc.

Showstopper (6 ultimate orbs)

Equips a rocket launcher. The rocket deals heavy damage in a large radius.


sage character select

Sage is the premier support agent, with abilities focused on improving the team’s survivability.

Barrier Orb (300C)

Fires an orb that turns into an impassable wall of energy. The wall is destructible but has a high amount of HP.

Slow Orb (100C)

Fires an orb that can be bounced off walls. The orb explodes and creates an area that slows and prevents anyone from jumping. Footsteps are also magnified.

Heal Orb (35-second cooldown)

Rapidly heal a nearby teammate or yourself.

Resurrection (7 ultimate orbs)

Revives a dead teammate after a brief delay.


sova character select

Sova is the premier sniper class, with abilities specializing in spotting targets from a safe distance.

Owl Drone (300C)

Deploy and pilot an airborne drone. The drone can fire a dart to briefly reveal enemies.

Shock Bolt (100C)

Charge to fire an arrow that can bounce up to 2 times. The arrow detonates, damaging enemies within a small radius.

Recon Bolt (35-second cooldown)

Works similar to Shock Bolt, but instead emits a pulse that reveals enemies within the arrow’s line of sight up to a certain radius.

Hunters Fury (7 ultimate orbs)

Fire up to three arrows that pass through the map. Each arrow deals heavy damage along a small AoE along its trajectory.


viper character select

Specializing in poison-based abilities, Viper’s kit is perfect for denying info and area control.

Fuel (Passive)

Snake Bite, Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen use a resource called fuel. Fuel replenishes over time when both skills are not in use.

Decay (special damage type)
Any damage caused by the toxic gas from Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen can be regenerated by stepping out of the abilities’ range. Decay damage is nonlethal and stops at 1hp.

Snakebite (100C + Fuel)

Use some fuel and throw a canister to the ground to blanket an area with a pool of damaging poison

Poison Cloud (200c)

Throws a grenade that can be activated to consume fuel. When active, the grenade emits a toxic cloud in a sphere that blocks vision and deals decay damage.

Toxic Screen (Reusable)

Deploys a line of gas emitters. Activate to consume fuel and continuously emit a wall of toxic gas that blocks vision and deal decay damage.

Viper’s Pit (7 ultimate orbs)

Creates a big cloud of toxic gas that remains until Viper leaves the area. Enemies inside the cloud are immediately highlighted.

Jan Custodio

Jan Custodio

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