What to Expect from Valorant over the Next Few Weeks

1 year ago by Jan Custodio

There’s already plenty of info about Valorant so it’s safe to say that players are already hyped out about Riot’s latest tactical FPS. When the game goes into open beta (and official launch), you have to expect a few things from the game. This way, you’ll have an easier time adapting to the game and you can focus more on improving your skills.

CSGO Roles Will Be Adapted

Out of all first-person shooters available today, you can expect Valorant to be heavily compared to CSGO. Let’s face it: other than the gimmicky agent abilities, this game is basically a futuristic CSGO. In short, you can expect the game to have the same designated player roles.

Expect to assume one of the following roles:

  • Leader – call the shots, deciding when and where the team will go.
  • Fragger – will lead the charge and help your team secure an area.
  • Support – provide utility to the team or clean up after the fraggers
  • Sniper – pick targets and control an area by creating a kill zone
  • Lurker – scout ahead of the team to gather intel and create a distraction.

This isn’t a bad thing. Assuming traditional CSGO roles will be second nature to players because…

Agents Will Be Relegated to Specific Roles

Each of Valorant’s agents have their own set of unique abilities that can be used to give your team a tactical advantage. These abilities can be used to deal damage, provide information, or deny enemies of tactical options.

The big thing about these character abilities is that no agent can be considered good at everything. For example, Jett makes for an excellent lurker agent, but she’s mediocre when it comes to providing support. Besides, any champ that becomes too good at everything is bound to get nerfed ASAP.

Raze is a bit too good right now so expect her to get hit with a few nerfs soon.

It’s best to prepare yourself ahead of launch by picking a couple of roles to specialize in and then reading up on agents that will best fit those roles.

There Will Be Good and Bad Guns

Valorant did a good job of providing plenty of options to players ranging from shotguns to sniper rifles. However, players have already figured out that a few guns are straight-up better choices. These guns are the reason why players won’t just buy the cheapest weapon they can purchase.

Assault Rifles – The Phantom and Vandal will be the two most popular weapons in the game. Both rifles are good at all ranges without sacrificing ammo capacity and fire rate. The Phantom is basically the Valorant equivalent of CS:GO’s M4A1, while the Vandal is a stand-in for the AK-47.

The best all-rounder gun and the closest thing to CS:GO’s M4a1
Valorant’s “AK-47”

Sniper Rifles – The Operator‘s one-hit kill potential draws a parallel to CS:GO’s AWP. This will be a major purchase for any team regardless of skill level. However, highly-skilled players may go for the Marshall if they are confident with their ability to land headshots.

One shot, one kill.

Secondary – There are only two real options here: the Ghost and the Sheriff. The Ghost provides a good mix of damage, range, and ammo capacity, while the Sheriff boasts good damage at the cost of having high recoil and a low ammo count.

A well-rounded lightweight.
For something with more stopping power.

Others – There’s not really much to say about the other guns in the game. Heavy machineguns are too expensive for the damage they deal per shot. SMGs are strictly worse than rifles in terms of damage despite having better recoil. Shotguns have serious range issues, even with the tighter spread alternate fire.

Rush Tactics Will be More Difficult than in CS:GO…

A common strategy in CS:GO would be to gain as much ground as possible by “rushing” the objectives. It’s risky, but it does work when you have a clear weapon advantage (like if the other team went eco). Because of this, some players may assume that this tactic is just as viable in Valorant as it was in the other game.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Because of how some abilities work, rush tactics in Valorant will be extremely difficult. It doesn’t matter guns or kills you have – you won’t be blazing past Sage’s Barrier Orb, Brimstone’s Incendiary, or Cypher’s traps. Expect the most effective approaches to be methodical and cautious.

Good luck rushing through this one…

… but Games Will Be More Fast-paced

On the other side of game pacing, there are instances where matches in CSGO tend to drag on. Players patiently check each corner or hold angles until the timer runs down. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why competitive mode in that game is now down to under 2 minutes per round.

In Valorant, you can expect matches to play out a little bit faster. Because there are so many abilities that focus on providing intel, flushing out would-be campers will be a lot easier. For defenders, holding an angle can be difficult because of the abundance of sight-obscuring abilities (looking at you, Viper) allow pushes to be more effective.

Pushes will be slower but safer thanks to some abilities like Sova’s Owl Drone

Matchmaking Will Be Rough At First

Being a competitive game, it’s obvious that Riot will have a rigid matchmaking system in place. Players who consistently win will eventually raise their MMR (matchmaking rating) and get matched with equally-skilled enemies. At least, that’s the long term goal.

All Valorant Ranks Revealed
A look at Valorant’s ranks and divisions.

If you want to get in a ranking division that best matches your skill, you might be in for a rough start. Everybody will be starting at about the same level during the first few weeks. You can expect other players to be way better than you, but you will also get plenty of other players (or worse, teammates) that are much less skilled than you. Unless you want to deal with all that unpredictability, waiting a bit before trying ranked mode may be a good idea.


That wraps up our discussion on what to expect from Valorant for the next few weeks! We hope this will help you have an easier time getting used to the game! Are you looking forward to playing the game? Let us know in the comments section!

Jan Custodio

Jan Custodio

Jan is an avid PC gamer and an FB Gaming streamer. His favorite titles include Starcraft, Doom, For Honor, and Warframe, but he also enjoys playing popular Esport titles including League of Legends and Rainbow Six:Siege. When not playing PC games, Jan watches professional wrestling, building gunpla, and riding his motorycle.

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