DynamicJaguar Progress Report

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Momiji 4 Wins. Tamaki 3 Wins. Mai 1 Win. Hitomi 1 Win. Kasumi 1 Win.

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Momiji Dead or Alive 6



Tamaki Dead or Alive 6



Mai Shiranui Dead or Alive 6

Mai Shiranui

Hitomi Dead or Alive 6


Kasumi Dead or Alive 6




Kula Diamond Dead or Alive 6

Kula Diamond

Christie Dead or Alive 6



He Played A Lot More NEUTRAL based for the first time ever baby steps but starting to think about it more today [Thursday, May 27th 2021 @ 1PM EST]  Could of played a lot better but he is trying to use new techniques and moves FINALLY.  He still not good enough to meet halfway mark got to focus more and get more damage out of his Momiji, Tamaki, Mai and Hitomi gameplay. He lacking some key moves and tracking mids. Lacks stage combos and SSSS combos especially off wall bounce or in stun as well as patience to zone properly he literally never kbd round start or against knockdown to avoid wake up kicks or position himself away from hazards. He needs to actively think of how to make hi opponents WASTE THEIR METER.  Set up deep stuns and fatal stuns or put them near hazards to really cause panics.  NEEDS TO PUNISH BLOCKED LOWS HE MISSING GARUNTEED DAMAGE!

Learn to 2P and move or 2p and 2p / 1p again mix it up with 2P block as well as jab block or jab move same with kick block and kick move.

All Momiji went 3-10. No use for 3K, 3KP, KK H+K and 214P or 214P+K yet. 6P+K elbow, 66K, 6K and 8P stun launch.
All Tamaki went 2-10. Respect wake up kick more try to block or hold.  low throw punish. use 4p+k, 1K and learn to stun launch with hopkick.

All Mai went 1-10. I would say this character he auto-pilots the most as but when he finally starts thinking it can be very brutal! 6P fav move...
All Hitomi went 1-10. He does not punish lows is huge problem and 9P is godlike deep stun. Whiff punish is key and use movement more.

Rest no wins but he was closest going all Mai a few times.

Tier Names
C Momiji
D Tamaki
Low Mai Shiranui, Hitomi, Kasumi
Lowest Kula Diamond, Christie
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