Hades Keepsake Tier List

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This Hades tier lists aims to guide you to selecting the best keepsakes for your runs in the Underworld.

S Tier

Pom Blossom Hades

Pom Blossom

Evergreen Acorn Hades

Evergreen Acorn

Old Spiked Collar Hades

Old Spiked Collar

Black Shawl Hades

Black Shawl

A Tier

Lucky Tooth Hades

Lucky Tooth

Sigil of the Dead Hades

Sigil of the Dead

Distant Memory Hades

Distant Memory

Pierced Butterfly Hades

Pierced Butterfly

Cosmic Egg Hades

Cosmic Egg

Lambent Plume Hades

Lambent Plume

B Tier

Chthonic Coin Purse Hades

Chthonic Coin Purse

Frostbitten Horn Hades

Frostbitten Horn

Harpy Feather Duster Hades

Harpy Feather Duster

Owl Pendant Hades

Owl Pendant

Shattered Shackle Hades

Shattered Shackle

Thunder Signet Hades

Thunder Signet

C Tier

Adamant Arrowhead Hades

Adamant Arrowhead

Blood Filled Vial Hades

Blood Filled Vial

Conch Shell Hades

Conch Shell

Eternal Rose Hades

Eternal Rose

Overflowing Cup Hades

Overflowing Cup

Skull Earring Hades

Skull Earring

D Tier

Bone Hourglass Hades

Bone Hourglass

Broken Spearpoint Hades

Broken Spearpoint

Myrmidon Bracer Hades

Myrmidon Bracer

Tier Names
S Tier Pom Blossom, Evergreen Acorn, Old Spiked Collar, Black Shawl
A Tier Lucky Tooth, Sigil of the Dead, Distant Memory, Pierced Butterfly, Cosmic Egg, Lambent Plume
B Tier Chthonic Coin Purse, Frostbitten Horn, Harpy Feather Duster, Owl Pendant, Shattered Shackle, Thunder Signet
C Tier Adamant Arrowhead, Blood Filled Vial, Conch Shell, Eternal Rose, Overflowing Cup, Skull Earring
D Tier Bone Hourglass, Broken Spearpoint, Myrmidon Bracer
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