Jam's Informational Smash Tier List
Smash Ultimate

Jam's Informational Smash Tier List

Made by Jamie Cooke
Updated 1 week ago


Palutena Smash Ultimate


Ness Smash Ultimate


Joker Smash Ultimate


Peach Smash Ultimate


Palutena  Smash Ultimate

Great ground and air mobility combined with a nearly nonpunishable recovery and great damage output. Also has decent projectile game.

Ness  Smash Ultimate

The amount of moves he can pull off in a short amount of time is crazy. Able to spam lots of aerials or projectiles if he needs to. His recovery is quite difficult to pull off for a new player and can be easily punishable if badly timed/placed.

Joker  Smash Ultimate

Amazing ground speed and powerful moves. His recovery is basically nonpunishable with and without Arsene. Speaking of Arsene, that thing is just busted.

Peach  Smash Ultimate

Has a lot of options when it comes to neutral and recovery. Has the ability to pull turnips to be used in a variety of ways and also has the float mechanic to pull off some crazy stun ts.


Pikachu Smash Ultimate


Zero Suit Samus Smash Ultimate

Zero Suit Samus

Mario Smash Ultimate


Shulk Smash Ultimate


Mr Game And Watch Smash Ultimate

Mr Game And Watch

Lucina Smash Ultimate


Falco Smash Ultimate


Fox Smash Ultimate


Cloud Smash Ultimate


Pikachu  Smash Ultimate

Very small and agile. Very good and nonpunishable recovery that also has a hitbox. He's fairly light so he's more of a glass cannon, but not as much as Pichu.

Zero Suit Samus  Smash Ultimate
Zero Suit Samus

Very quick, has a great grab but terrible kill throws. Z-air to recover is great and Up-B kills off the top of the stage stupidly early, around 70%.

Mario  Smash Ultimate

Can use Up Airs, Up Tilts and Nair get super long and powerful combos that can either get an easy 60% or even a kill with an Up-B to finish. His recovery game is fairly weak and predictable but his ability to cheese people with F.L.U.D.D is excellent.

Shulk  Smash Ultimate

If a Shulk player knows how to efficiently use the Monado Arts to secure kills or protect their own, then he becomes a powerful fighter. Using short hop Nair can cover a lot of area and is the common approach option for Shulk. His recovery isn't the best by itself but with the Jump Monado, it becomes great.

Mr Game And Watch  Smash Ultimate
Mr Game And Watch

Game and Watch has very good frame data on the majority of his moves, examples could be his Up-B or his super fast smash attacks. His down smash has a bury effect and when followed up by a side smash, can kill super early. His recovery is also very good.

Lucina  Smash Ultimate

Lucina doesn't have a tipper effect like marth, but her whole sword has an equal amount of damage output instead. This actually makes her a way easier fighter to play due to not needing to think so much about spacing and instead you can just rush the opponent. Her recovery is somewhat predictable and can sometimes go past the ledge, causing her to land on the stage and get easily punished.

Falco  Smash Ultimate

Falco can get crazy long combos, similar to Mario. However, Falco combos are a little trickier and harder to pull off. Falco also has a fast and powerful laser that can also stun the opponent for a second, giving falco an opening to start one of these combos.

Fox  Smash Ultimate

Fox's overall ground and air speed is really good. His fast falling allows him to use short hop aerials super fast and can use them to get good combos. He can quickly hit an airborne opponent with an Up Air which kills fairly early off the top of the stage. His recovery is decent but can get very predictable as the match goes on.

Cloud  Smash Ultimate

Cloud is a heavy-hitting fighter with a sword that can get some early stocks, specifically with dash attack or back air. His recovery isn't great unless you have Limit, which makes him go much higher. His special moves are easily spammable which can be somewhat frustrating, but a good Cloud player will learn how to utilize all his moves and options effectively.


Pichu Smash Ultimate


Young Link Smash Ultimate

Young Link

Wario Smash Ultimate


Steve / Alex Smash Ultimate

Steve / Alex

Captain Falcon Smash Ultimate

Captain Falcon

Roy Smash Ultimate


Marth Smash Ultimate


Pichu  Smash Ultimate

Imagine Pikachu, but the recovery doesn't have a hitbox, he takes damage with every electric move he uses and dies way earlier... However, Pichu does have the ability to kill a little earlier with his self-damaging moves making up for it with a high damage output. Pichu is the definition of a glass cannon.

Young Link  Smash Ultimate
Young Link

Young Link has the ability to be the ultimate projectile camper. If your opponent plays like that, it would be very easy to counter them with patience and strategy. A good Young Link will learn how to utilize their projectiles and bombs to start combos and secure stocks. Out of the three Links, his Up B is probably the best due to decent recovering ability and being able to start combos if used on stage.

Wario  Smash Ultimate

Wario's combo game is very impressive, with the main combo staring moves being Nair or Up Tilt. His waft abillity is crazy, having the ability to combo into it to get free early stocks. His vertical and horizontal recovery are both very good when combining his bike and Up B.

Steve / Alex  Smash Ultimate
Steve / Alex

Steve is the newest fighter added to Smash, meaning that we don't know too much about them yet. However you can use up tilt to get super good combos on early percents. and holding down the A button while moving forward will get a fast-faller like Fox stuck in his attack across the whole stage. Using diamond tools can make these combos ridiculously powerful. His Up B recovery goes decently high but not very far left and right, unless you know how to effectively control it.

Captain Falcon  Smash Ultimate
Captain Falcon

Firstly, Captain Falcon is the most hype character on the roster. Now that we all understand that, let's begin. Falcon is the second fastest character on the roster, far behind sonic but just a little bit over Little Mac. This is great for him, because Falcon is not a fighter that wil sit back and play campy. Expect Falcon mains to use their great mobility to rush you at all times, he will approach with moves like Raptor Boost or dash-grab in order to get combos at early percent or confirms into knee at higher percents (80%+). His recovery is great and can be mixed up with the use of his Up and Side B moves. Watch out for Falcons Side B offstage as it will dunk you straight into the blast zone if it connects properly. Overall, Falcon is a force to be reckoned with. Also I main him UwU

Roy  Smash Ultimate

Roy is another one of the speedy sword fighters in Smash, he is often compared to Lucina, Marth and Chrom due to their similarities. However, Roy has the opposite of Marth's tipper, he does more damage the closer the enemy is to him. This combined with his great ground and attack speed makes him a pretty good rush character. His recovery kinda sucks, being similar to that of Marth and Lucina but a little slower when rising. His moves also have a fire effect when the enemy is hit with the sweet spot of his sword, the part close to the handle.

Marth  Smash Ultimate

Marth is very similar to Lucina, but with a tipper on his sword. The tipper means that the tip of his sword is a sweet spot, meaning he will do more damage to enemies if they are hit there. This makes him a little bit harder to use compared to Lucina due to the need of having to get your spacing right for maximum damage. His recovery is the same as Lucina's so watch out for when it goes past the ledge and lands you on stage.


Luigi Smash Ultimate


Terry Smash Ultimate


Wii Fit Trainer Smash Ultimate

Wii Fit Trainer

Sheik Smash Ultimate


Rob Smash Ultimate


Diddy Kong Smash Ultimate

Diddy Kong

Mewtwo Smash Ultimate


Corrin Smash Ultimate


Lucas Smash Ultimate


Snake Smash Ultimate


Kirby Smash Ultimate


Pokemon Trainer Smash Ultimate

Pokemon Trainer

Wolf Smash Ultimate


Yoshi Smash Ultimate


Pit Smash Ultimate


Ike Smash Ultimate


Chrom Smash Ultimate


Pac Man Smash Ultimate

Pac Man

Greninja Smash Ultimate


Link Smash Ultimate


Samus Smash Ultimate


Sheik  Smash Ultimate

Sheik combos may seem long and insane, but a 15 second long combo from sheik may only result in about 30% of damage. Her damage output is miserable but her speed, agility and combo potential seems to make up for it. Her recovery is very nonpunishable and her needle projectile is somewhat decent. When playing this fighter, it's essential that you try to land as many hits as possible to rack up some damage to be able to finish your opponent off with a tasty read. By the way, Sheik's only kill option is probably just smash attacks and maybe back air.

Chrom  Smash Ultimate

Chrom is the echo fighter to Roy. His moves are the exact same, minus the sweet spot. This means that Chrom can just swing his sword around without having to worry about spacing, but his attacks will do less damage.


Hero (DQ11) Smash Ultimate

Hero (DQ11)

Robin Smash Ultimate


Sonic Smash Ultimate


Jigglypuff Smash Ultimate


Isabelle Smash Ultimate


Ridley Smash Ultimate


Piranha Plant Smash Ultimate

Piranha Plant

Bowser Smash Ultimate


Mega Man Smash Ultimate

Mega Man

Toon Link Smash Ultimate

Toon Link

Donkey Kong Smash Ultimate

Donkey Kong

Banjo & Kazooie Smash Ultimate

Banjo & Kazooie

Ken Smash Ultimate


Ryu Smash Ultimate


Zelda Smash Ultimate


Villager Smash Ultimate


Byleth Smash Ultimate



Bowser Jr. Smash Ultimate

Bowser Jr.

Inkling Smash Ultimate


King K Rool Smash Ultimate

King K Rool

King Dedede Smash Ultimate

King Dedede

Meta Knight Smash Ultimate

Meta Knight

Min Min Smash Ultimate

Min Min

Incineroar Smash Ultimate


Duck Hunt Smash Ultimate

Duck Hunt

Ice Climbers Smash Ultimate

Ice Climbers

Lucario Smash Ultimate


Olimar Smash Ultimate


Rosalina And Luma Smash Ultimate

Rosalina And Luma

Bayonetta Smash Ultimate


Richter Smash Ultimate


Simon Smash Ultimate


Mii Fighter (Brawler) Smash Ultimate

Mii Fighter (Brawler)


Dr. Mario Smash Ultimate

Dr. Mario

Mii Fighter (Gunner) Smash Ultimate

Mii Fighter (Gunner)

Little Mac Smash Ultimate

Little Mac

Ganondorf Smash Ultimate


Mii Fighter (Swordfighter) Smash Ultimate

Mii Fighter (Swordfighter)