Tierlist.gg Giveaway

Win game credit with Tierlist.gg

$500 worth of game credit between 3 dedicated winners. US and Europe entries only.

Competition ends 02 January, 2023

How to enter?

Entering the giveaway is pretty simple. Create an account if you haven't already, then create a tier list!

1. Create a tier list

You can create a tier list for any game in our library. If it's not in our library, let us know on Discord.

2. Make it informative

Use all the features available to you to make your tier list the most informative and useful list out there!

3. Enter your list

Enter your list into the competition using the link below, you can enter as many lists as you want.

What's the prize?

By placing in the top 3, you will win a monetary value in your selected credit choice of either Steam, Blizzard (Battle.net), Google Play Store / Apple App Store or Valorant/LoL credit.

1st: $300 worth of credit in selected choice.

2nd: $150 worth of credit in selected choice.

3rd: $50 worth of credit in selected choice.

Top 8: Badge next to their username, exclusive Discord role, exclusive beta access.

Prize amount will be converted to the winners' currency at the time of credit redemption.

Competition outline

We will be judging the competition with a set of rules. Here are the outlines you should follow if you want to enter the competition.

Tier lists must contain at least 10 items over multiple tiers.

You can't enter a tier list created prior to the giveaway.

Satire lists are welcomed as long as they are informative!

If the game doesn’t exist in our library, please let us know on Discord and we'll add it.

Adding item notes and ensuring custom items are labelled is essential.

Adding video content is a great way to enrich your list, but not necessary to win.

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