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Jungle meta tierlist - DoubleGio

Patch 12.18

S Tier

Also because of flex potential

A Tier

Generalist picks

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A- Tier

Situationally OP

B Tier


B- Tier

More situational

C Tier


OOF Tier


Warwick Tier


B-Master Yi#4/7why does this champ have a 56% winrate in masters+ ???
AJarvan IV#1/7Can be S when picked late.
AZac#2/7Can be S when picked late.

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Looking for the most updated Jungle Meta Tier List for League of Legends? Look no further, DoubleGio's Jungle Meta Tier List for Patch 12.18 is the most comprehensive and current list available on! Here's what you need to know about the list:

  • The list is specifically focused on the Jungle position in League of Legends, perfect for players looking to dominate in this role.
  • DoubleGio has included notes on specific champions within the list, giving players extra insight into why certain champions are where they are on the ladder.
  • Categories for each champion are broken down into five tiers, ranging from S-Tier down to F-Tier.
  • Looking for a specific type of champion? The list is divided into different categories, making it easy to find the perfect pick for your specific playstyle.
  • Plus, with easy-to-read color coding and letter ranking systems, players can quickly and easily identify the best champions for their playstyle.
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