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ADC tier list

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B Tier

C Tier

Dont know

SMiss Fortune#1/2Nuts zone control, range and strong early, mid, late. No wonder its being nerfed.
SCaitlyn#2/2Decent, but lacks the DPS so pick some DPS around her.
ATwitch#3/8Twitch + engage lockdown champ = sleeper broken
AKalista#4/8Good in the right hands. Can be very annoying.
ASeraphine#6/8Post nerfs to other ADCs maybe even S tier? P/b in EUM currently. Good matchups into something like Cait/MF as well. Good with engage/enchater support. Flex as well.
ALucian#7/8Lucian Nami nerfed
AAphelios#8/8Always fine in comp play
BJinx#1/11Always fine in comp play.
BTristana#2/11Pick when u can hit (multiple melee champs).
BEzreal#3/11Pick when u cant hit (not a lot of melee champs).
BKarthus#5/11Decent flex.
BZeri#11/11Champ finally dead no?
DNilah#1/1Idk what this champ does.

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The ADC tier list for League of Legends, created by an unspecified individual on tierlist.gg, is a comprehensive ranking of champions in the ADC role. The list includes notes on each champion's strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for the best team compositions and matchups. The list is categorized into multiple tiers, ranging from S tier to D tier, and is color coded for quick and easy reference. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, the ADC tier list is a valuable resource for determining which champions to pick in your next match.

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