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Ethereal's League list

S Tier Ultimate Senpai

Would probably run away blushing, crying and squeaking

A Tier Hot

Probably too good for me and wouldn't be able to maintain eye contact

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B Tier Cute, would Date

Really cute, would be able to flirt and hang ot with

C Tier Wouldn't date, but would be friends with!

D Tier Not my type

E Tier Not applicable / taken / yordle/ not furry

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Ethereal's League list on is a comprehensive tier list for League of Legends created by an undefined individual. The list consists of items categorized into five tiers, ranging from S Tier Ultimate Senpai to E Tier Not applicable / taken / yordle/ not furry. Each tier has its own unique color, title, letter, and description, providing an easy-to-read layout for users to quickly navigate. The list's purpose is to help League of Legends players understand which items are worth investing in based on their rank and preferences. Whether you're looking for a hot item to impress your opponents or a cute one to date, Ethereal's League list has got you covered.

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