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ADC 12.17

Z Tier

Specifically for Competitive. In SoloQ these champs are S or A

S Tier

A bit too strong

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A Tier

Above Average

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Looking for the best ADC champion to play in League of Legends? Look no further than Tierlist.gg's ADC 12.17 tier list, created by an undefined expert. This list features champions categorized into the following tiers:

  • S Tier: the champions are a bit too strong.
  • A Tier: the champions are above average.
  • Z Tier: the champions are specifically for competitive play, and in SoloQ they are S or A tier.

Don't waste your time playing a subpar ADC when you can choose from Tierlist.gg's top-tier champions in the ADC 12.17 tier list.

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