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SOrnn#1/3If Camille banned, ban Gwen, blind Ornn.
AFiora#4/7Why does nobody play this champ
BSion#1/19Patch big W for tanks. Liandry, kraken bye bye.
BGnar#9/19For some reason biggest winner wr/high elo skew wise in 12.10

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Looking for a tier list that covers everything you need to know about the top performers in League of Legends? Look no further than LexieLexieGraph257's "Top" tier list on Tierlist.gg. This expertly curated list covers all the top picks for Patch 12.10, including Gnar, Ornn, Sion, and Fiora. Here are some of the key features of this list:

• Categorizes champions into S, A, B, C, and Permabanned tiers for easy navigation and understanding. • Utilizes a color-coded system to quickly identify the tier ranking of each champion. • Includes valuable insights and notes on how to play each champion to their fullest potential. • Highly relevant for anyone looking to improve their gameplay strategy in League of Legends.

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