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Mid 12.17

Z Tier

Specifically for Competitive. In SoloQ these champs are S or A

S Tier

A bit too strong

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A Tier

Above Average


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Looking for the best champions to play in the League of Legends mid lane? Look no further than the Mid 12.17 tier list on Tierlist.gg! This list, created by undefined, categorizes champions into S, A, and Z tiers based on their strength in both competitive play and SoloQ. Notable champions on this list include:

  • Zed: a strong pick for SoloQ matches
  • Lucian: the best AD mid to pair with AP junglers in competitive play
  • Cho'Gath: hard to push out of lane against mages
  • Karthus: received buffs for lane play
  • Morgana: a great counterpick for short-ranged champions
  • Katarina: recommended for SoloQ only
  • Cassiopeia: another counterpick against short-ranged champions
  • Aurelion Sol: recommended for SoloQ only

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