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MultiVersus 2v2 Tier List

Here are our top picks for the 2v2 game mode in Multiversus.


S+ Tier

S Tier

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A+ Tier

A Tier

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Looking for the best heroes to play in Multiversus' 2v2 game mode? Look no further than's MultiVersus 2v2 Tier List! This comprehensive list includes all your favorite heroes, sorted into easily digestible tiers. Here's what you can expect from each tier:

  • S+ Tier: These heroes are the cream of the crop, offering unbeatable strength and versatility. Get ready to dominate the competition with these top picks.
  • S Tier: Just a step below the S+ tier, these heroes are still incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated. Consider picking these heroes as a reliable choice for your team.
  • A+ Tier: These heroes are strong picks but may require a bit more strategy to succeed. With the right approach, however, they can be just as deadly as the higher tiers.
  • A Tier: Though not as strong as the A+ tier, these heroes can still hold their own in the 2v2 game mode. Consider them solid picks for your team, especially if you're looking for a bit of variety.

Overall, the MultiVersus 2v2 Tier List is your go-to source for determining the best heroes to play in this exciting game mode. Keep these tiers in mind and get ready to dominate the competition!

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