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S Tier

good in everygame just about. Little counter play. 1st picks

B Tier

can carry games in right matchups. few counters/bad matchups

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C Tier

has a few bad matchups but still good for most part

C Tier

dont play

D Tier

E Tier

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The Smite Joust tier list on Tierlist.gg, created by ezf6, categorises all items, champions and gods into five tiers: S Tier, B Tier, C Tier, D Tier, and E Tier. The tiers are colour-coded and each has a letter, description and title. The S Tier items are considered the strongest and can be first picks, while the B Tier items can carry games in the right matchups. The C Tier items have a few bad matchups but are still good for the most part. Tier D items are not recommended, and Tier E has no description. This tier list is a great resource for Smite players who want to know the best items and gods to use in Joust mode.

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