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Season 9.1 Joust Teir-List By Booshie

Teir List for players that are new to the Comp scene.

S Tier

Meta gods, or Gods that will 80% of there matchups

A Tier

Gods that are fair in most matchups

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B Tier

Gods that are solid or, need a team built around them.

C Tier

Gods that lose most matchups, or bring nothing to the Table.

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Looking for a Smite tier list that's perfect for new competitive players? Check out BOOSHIE3690's Season 9.1 Joust Tier-List on! This tier list includes a wide range of gods categorized into four tiers based on their overall impact in the game. Here's what you can expect from each tier: • Tier 1(S Tier): Featuring meta gods that can win up to 80% of their matches • Tier 2 (A Tier): Consists of gods that are fair in most matchups • Tier 3 (B Tier): Solid gods that require a team to perform well or need slight adjustments. • Tier 4 (C Tier): Includes the weakest gods who often lose most matchups or have very little use in the game. Each tier is color-coded and labeled with a letter to make the list more accessible for viewers. So, if you're a new player looking to compete, this tier list is perfect for you!

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