Smite Tier List - Season 9 Best Gods to Win Games

A full list of smite gods listed in their respective tiers. This tier list applies to Season 9.

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Literal God Tier

Try to pick these gods whenever you can, they're dominating the meta right now

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A Tier

Somewhat less powerful than S Tier, but still amazing picks and highly suggested


B Tier

These gods are safe picks and generally quite consistent in performance however not the top picks for their position


C Tier

In the hands of a skilled player these gods can be strong, but are limited by that factor. OTP's will have a good time, otherwise there are better choices.


D Tier

Borderline non-viable for the meta, there are better choices. Use these gods situationally only.


Don't Pick

Not viable in the current meta


Not sure yet

Currently under review and awaiting more feedback


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