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Valorant Agent Tier List Best Agents

Win more with our VALORANT Tier List. Tried and tested, by analysing pro players and with the input of some high ranked players, we have compiled this list so you can pick the right agents to climb.


S Tier

A Tier

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B Tier

C Tier

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The Valorant Agent Tier List Best Agents is a comprehensive guide to help you win more in the tactical shooter game, Valorant. Created by, this tried and tested list has been compiled with the input of pro and high ranked players. All agents are categorised into four tiers, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier, with each tier represented by a different color. Here are some of the key features of this Valorant Agent Tier List:

• Helps you pick the right agents to climb the ranks • Based on extensive analysis of pro players and high ranked players • Contains all Valorant agents categorised into four tiers • Each tier is represented by a different color and letter, S Tier being the best followed by A, B, and C • The list is constantly updated to reflect any changes in the game's meta • Guaranteed to improve your gameplay and help you win more matches.

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