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1 month ago by SHAMANBEY
1v9 Champs
1 month ago by poopydoopy
Blacklist Elo Inflated Champions
1 month ago by percocet
SHAMANBEY TİERLİST (16.01.2023)312SHAMANBEY2023-04-24 15:33:27Visit list
1v9 Champs184poopydoopy2023-04-24 15:38:36Visit list
Blacklist Elo Inflated Champions70percocet2023-04-24 15:38:58Visit list
League of Legends ADC Tier List - Patch 13.1b35tierlistgg2023-04-27 18:23:58Visit list
League of Legends Jungle Tier List - Patch 13.1b27tierlistgg2023-04-27 23:55:48Visit list
Jungle Tier list22doublegio2023-05-07 11:17:18Visit list
League of Legends Support Tier List - Patch 13.1b21tierlistgg2023-04-28 00:28:38Visit list
Only S Tier is sorted by importance.19fuc2023-05-06 20:27:40Visit list
LS Tier List but Prettier14Lemon2023-04-25 08:22:50Visit list
CP13Kanze2023-04-26 15:58:16Visit list
Jungle12claiveur2023-04-29 13:55:19Visit list
12.9 Toplane Tierlist12Kyedaw2023-05-01 23:43:31Visit list
adc tier list12IamSawth2023-04-30 05:24:04Visit list
Comfort12lexielexiegraph2572023-05-05 09:56:39Visit list
Jungle Competitive11Sykko2023-04-27 13:39:11Visit list
Top Lane Tier List11IamSawth2023-04-27 06:35:59Visit list
hhhhhhhhhhh11Jiqonix2023-04-25 19:18:40Visit list
sadasfasfgasf10twentymiro2023-04-24 17:44:42Visit list
ABAM Tier List10PianoofTime2023-04-25 08:29:00Visit list
Top10lexielexiegraph2572023-04-29 01:09:28Visit list
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How do I make a League of Legends Tier List?

You can easily create a League of Legends tier list using our tier list maker. Simply add a title, upload some images and start dragging into your tiers.

Can anyone see my tier list?

Yes, but you can set your list to Private which will stop your list from appearing in our Tier List catalogue. Others are still able to see your list if it has been shared with them, however.

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