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Make updates to your tier list

After creating a tier list, you’ll be able to manage and edit it as you wish. New characters released? No problem. We add them, you update your list.

Copy a tierlist from anyone

Use other tier lists as a template for your own. Copy any list from any category and make it your own by assigning them into your tiers.

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Publish your list and share it with the community. Your list will be discoverable on the site and could become featured.

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Our tier list maker was designed and developed with gamers and content creators in mind. We understand what it takes to make performant and visually interesting tier lists and how valuable that is to the viewer.

By using our tier list maker, you can jump in and start creating a tier list for your favourite competitive game. No need to crop and upload any images. We’ve done that for you. Our tier list maker has self-updating data to ensure the games have all items available.

You can store all your tier lists in one area, make updates as you see fit and share them with the world by using a generated share link. Our tier list maker also features a ‘Creator View’ to present your tier list easier to viewers on your stream or videos.

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